About Joy Beauty

Joi’ (noun): the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune; delight; bliss.
You are beautiful, and your beauty shines the brightest when you feel confident, empowered, and comfortable in your skin. That's why we offer all-natural, vegan products that pack a heavy punch in the parts of your beauty routine that make the biggest impact.

We fit into your hectic life with products that simplify your routine, offer dramatic results, and let your inner glow take the spotlight. Because that's where true JOY (Beauty) begins.

Get the spa experience, with no spa required.

About Our Founder

Joy Jenkins

Hey there, beauty enthusiasts! I’m Joy, the heart and soul behind My Joy Beauty, and I’m absolutely thrilled to have you join our joyful community. As a devoted mother to my incredible son, I deeply understand the significance of self-care and its profound impact on our overall well-being. This understanding, coupled with my passion for skincare, led me to create My Joy Beauty: a haven where you can discover luxurious skincare products that not only pamper your skin but also uplift your spirit.

A little about my journey: I grew up in small southern New Mexico town in Carlsbad, New Mexico, where I spent my formative years before embarking on an adventure to Texas at the young age of 17 to pursue higher education. Life had its twists and turns, and although I thought I had it all figured out, but God had different plans for me. Settling in Plano, Texas, I took a pause after the tumult of Covid-19 to build this company from the ground up. While navigating this entrepreneurial path, I found solace in returning to the corporate world, working for a software company, which not only provided stability but also enabled me to invest in My Joy Beauty without financial strain.

My passion lies in empowering women to recognize their inherent beauty and worth. Whether it’s through self-care rituals, makeup, haircare, or skincare, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to uplifting and inspiring others to see themselves in the light they deserve.

At My Joy Beauty, we firmly believe that beauty transcends the superficial; it’s about embracing your uniqueness, celebrating authenticity, and finding joy in every moment, no matter how small. Whether you're a busy mom juggling multiple roles or someone who cherishes the art of self-care, I extend a warm invitation to join our community and embark on a journey to radiant, glowing skin.

Thank you for embarking on this beautiful journey with me. Together, let's illuminate the world with love, light, and joy—one skincare routine at a time!

Meet the Team

Hello, lovely souls! I'm Megan Turner, and I'm absolutely thrilled to welcome you to My Joy Beauty. Picture this: a Texas-born gal with a heart as big as the Lone Star State, who's journeyed through life with a sprinkle of wanderlust and a whole lot of love for making people feel amazing.

My story? Well, it's a colorful tapestry woven from the threads of adventure and passion. From the rolling plains of Texas to the welcoming embrace of New Mexico, I've always been drawn to the beauty in learning and growing. After earning my Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education, I spent four incredible years molding young minds with care and dedication. But then, life gifted me the sweetest surprise: motherhood.

With my little one by my side, I embarked on a new chapter, cherishing every moment of those early years. And it was during this precious time that the idea for marketing began to bloom, nurtured by my desire to spread happiness and confidence far and wide.

Nowadays, you'll find me leading the charge as the Head of Digital Marketing and E-commerce at My Joy Beauty, right here in the heart of Kansas. When I'm not busy crafting delightful beauty experiences, you can bet I'm in the kitchen, whipping up some sourdough magic or tending to my garden oasis. And let's not forget my love for the great outdoors—there's nothing quite like the rush of riding horses through wide-open spaces.

But above all, what truly lights up my world is the opportunity to help others feel their absolute best. Because here at My Joy Beauty, it's not just about skincare or makeup—it's about celebrating the beauty that shines from within each and every one of us.

So come on in, lovely souls, and let's embark on this joy-filled journey together. With a sprinkle of self-care and a whole lot of love, we'll paint the world with smiles, one radiant moment at a time.

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