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About My Joy Beauty

Joi’ (noun): the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune; delight; bliss.

You are beautiful, and your beauty shines the brightest when you feel confident, empowered, and comfortable in your skin. That's why we offer all-natural, almost vegan products that pack a heavy punch in the parts of your beauty routine that make the biggest impact - your skin, brows, and decolletage.

Our Luxury Brow Kit combines five products (Lash and Brow Rejuvenator, Brow Gel, Tinted Gel, and two Brow Powders) to give you flawless brows every time - even if you have no experience with perfecting your brows or microblading. And our Luxury Facial Oil gives you a quick and easy way to achieve a youthful glow.

We fit into your hectic life with products that simplify your schedule, offer dramatic results, and let your inner glow take the spotlight. Because that's where true JOY (Beauty) begins.

Get the spa experience, with no spa required.

About Our Founder

Joy Jenkins

Nothing worth doing comes easily - and everything is possible!

That's been my mantra all my life, and it's never served me more than while launching My Joy Beauty.

In 2021, after a successful career in corporate America, I was inspired by my significant other to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. While I was great at my job and made more than a healthy living, I was exhausted by the glass ceiling, the lack of genuine culture, and the feeling that I was leaving the best of me at work every day.

I have always been passionate about beauty, especially eyebrows, because it’s a simple way to dramatically impact your face and confidence. I got my microblading certification and set out to open my own studio. But as you can imagine, opening a brick-and-mortar studio in the middle of a pandemic was less than ideal. So I took a step back and focused on what I could control, developing “at home” solutions for women to look and feel their best - no professional beauticians required.

I founded My Joy Beauty to bring a holistic approach to beauty to women worldwide. At My Joy Beauty, I’m able to create products that allow every woman to feel beautiful - naturally.

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