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Clean Beauty.

We are committed to being a contributor to our ecosystem, by creating cruelty-free products.

“Multi Task”

Our Rose Gold facial oil is 100% plant-based making it perfect for treating your entire body. Our Joy Brow Kit can be used for Brows, Eyes, Contouring and more!

Joyful Guarantee

We believe that Joy comes in the morning, each morning you start your day with a sweet reminder of joy by putting on your Joy Brow!

Vegan Luxury.

Be sure to make a great impression with the results you get from wearing Joy Beauty products.

The Ultimate Brow Collection

You Will Ever Need

One Brow Kit for Astonishing Brows.


No one else offers a Brow kit with 5 products in one kit that are all natural.


Meet the Originals.

What are you waiting for?!
Make these yours!

Level Up with JOY



One Luxury Facial Oil For Overwhelmingly Beautiful Skin


No one has time to buy more moisturizer that doesn't work from the inside out, vs. nourishing your skin with immediate benefits.

We Want To Serve
Women Around Us.

“Emotion evoked by well-being, success or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires; delight” -Joy

After getting certified as a Microblading Artist and also an Integrative Nutrition Coach, Joy quickly discovered how important not only health and wellness are as we age, but how vegan and multi-purpose products are missing from the marketplace.

As a result, Joy Beauty’s and limited edition brow kit focuses on how important brows are to a woman’s face, because they frame the windows to our souls.

We are passionate about a clean and simple environment, so we can also think clearly and

USE the best pducts.

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